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Body Ecology

Body Ecology
Our ability to thrive in life is highly dependent on our interactions with our environment. This seems obvious when we look at our relationships with other people but what about the relationships and interactions with the invisible world?

The invention of the microscope put us in a tailspin resulting in a fearful, defensive perspective on the microbial world. This has undoubtedly influenced our knowledge of the immune system and it’s role in the bodymind. Recent discoveries in science have poked holes in our paradigm revealing our misunderstanding of the microbial world and the immune system. This has forced us to let down our defenses and take a closer look at the role these invisible critters are playing. Further to that, the immune system is so intimately connected to the nervous and endocrine systems that we must also examine the influence on key stress loops, and the fascinating mind-body connection.

Ecology is the study of the interaction between organisms, and the relationship between organisms and their physical and chemical environment. This includes the structure and function of ecosystems.

The Ecology of the Body investigates the dynamic interaction between the microscopic world and the bodymind. We examine a variety of ‘friendly microbes and compare them to the classic ‘pathogenic’ microbes that we are all so familiar with. Disorders in our internal microbial ecosystem can influence our susceptibility to a range of chronic diseases. We can no longer approach the microscopic world in a suspicious, fearful battle that allopathic medicine has been losing for years; it’s time to take a new approach, with a new perspective. And, if this is the case then it seems the immune system is far more intricate and complex than we thought.

The last piece of this puzzle includes the exploration of fundamental nutrients, the key building blocks of the body. Here we will address types of imbalances – insufficiency, excess, impaired absorption, incorrect formulation in a supplement, supplement down-regulation of natural physiology pathways, supplement congestion in the organs, and more.