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San Baio

San Baio or The Three Treasures is a Taoist/Chinese medicine concept referring to the three substances upon which all life depends: Jing~Essense/body, Qi~Energy and Shen~ Spirit/Consciousness.

San Baio represents the human beings physical, energetic and spiritual potential and these three ‘Treasures’ are the substances that nurture the organ system and keep our entire being within a state of balance. Through working with tonification of these three treasures we can balance, strengthen and heal the imbalances of body and mind. 

Part of this journey is to become aware of how our lifestyles, habits, mind-sets and emotions are impacting our state of health. Moxa, Gold Magnets or Cold Red Laser are used to stimulate specific acupoints in a non-invasive therapeutic way.
Clients receive the benefits of an acupuncture treatment without the use of needles which evokes repair and self-regulation through the process of re-balancing Jing, Qi and Shen