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Seaverah Body Serum

THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!! HEALTHSTYLES acquired some stock at last year's prices - now YOU can benefit!  Contact me via email for further details and prices This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seaverah fast acting cellulite removal and stretch mark repair serum uses only the highest quality natural ingredients, so there are no chemicals to worry about. It is a powerful combination of seaweed extract and other natural ingredients, together with an oxygen component, which helps decrease the deposition and formation of cellulite, repair and heal damage to not just the surface skin, but especially to the deeper epidermis layer where you find the source of stretch marks, thus attacking the problem at its source. If used correctly, provides visible results within a matter of days.

 Applying the serum daily, after a warm bath provides the necessary collagen and elastin support needed to prevent and improve the appearance of stretchmarks.”