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Seaverah Body Serum Special!

Healthstyles is clearing their space, and have decided to offer our clients the following NEVER TO BE REPEATED special price on SEAVERAH BODY SERUM.

This product normally sells at R550 per unit. Buy two from Healthstyles, and you only pay R250 per unit!!

SEAVERAH contains all natural active ingredients, no chemicals,  

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Core Regeneration is a therapy developed in South Africa by South Africans.  The therapy is based on the presumption that the bodymind system was created with all the necessary resources to heal itself.  Through various factors like easy access to medication and “quick fixes”, stress, and the lack of commitment to responsibility for our own health, our core system has become lazy and we have become dependent on short-term solutions for health problems that our bodies should be able to resolve without too much effort

 This is an extremely effective therapy which works on all levels – physical, mental spiritual and emotional.  Therapists in this modality are trained to honor and respect the privacy of their clients, and can never work without permission from the client.

Therapists have found that the healing process starts almost instantaneously during therapy, and continues for periods as long as 6 weeks.  It is a gentle therapy that involves no discussion, unless the client feels so inclined, and no removal of clothes.  This therapy does not prescribe medications and a therapist may never diagnose.


This is not a cure-all therapy; it is simply a method through which one helps the body to cope better with its own problems, helping to enhance the immune system, brain function, and a myriad of other aspects of the human being.

Seaverah Body Serum

THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!! HEALTHSTYLES acquired some stock at last year's prices - now YOU can benefit!  Contact me via email for further details and prices This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seaverah fast acting cellulite removal and stretch mark repair serum uses only the highest quality natural ingredients, so there are no chemicals to worry about. It is a powerful combination of seaweed extract and other natural ingredients, together with an oxygen component, which helps decrease the deposition and formation of cellulite, repair and heal damage to not just the surface skin, but especially to the deeper epidermis layer where you find the source of stretch marks, thus attacking the problem at its source. If used correctly, provides visible results within a matter of days.

 Applying the serum daily, after a warm bath provides the necessary collagen and elastin support needed to prevent and improve the appearance of stretchmarks.”



Healthstyles has formed a group of therapists who are committed and willing to spend their time and effort to do group healing on a regular basis for those who request it. 

The healing will take the shape of prayer, holding energy or distance therapy sessions (whatever is required) for whomever has been nominated for such a healing.

What we will need from you is just the name of the person you wish to nominate, and possibly a short (just the basics) explanation of what the problem is. 

Although this is a free offer, donations would be appreciated.  If you wish to make a donation, you can pay it into the following account with DONATION as a reference:


Core Regeneration Systems

                  FNB Woodlands Branch (230-732)

                  Business Account No 621 644 574 36