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"I am a Usui and Shekem reiki practitioner as well as a Core Regeneration therapist, with a practice in Rivonia.

Having healed myself from a tumour and infertility. Some of my client's include cancer patients, with noticeable tumour shrinkage and better wellbeing, and infertility patients, some of which are now expecting, anxiety and stress relief, self confidence issues, ADHD and hyperactivity, high blood pressure and prostrate problems, etc. 

With my Clients I incorporate a holistic approach including healthy eating, positivity, visualisation and meditation, affirmations and so much more, so their healing and self discovery is a journey that we embrace together.

I am amazed at the human body and what it can do if given the chance to heal itself.

Sometimes it is not about the end result or "cure" but in the actual journey itself where beauty is discovered.

This is a link from the Brandon Bays website you can read a bit about my story... 

 Amy xxx