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Coming from a medical background, I could choose either  traditional scientific or alternative healing methods. The alternative route won. I have always sought a more intuitive, holistic approach to life, studying different methods in order to find the "right fit"

 During my years as a Hospice Grief Councillor and Care-giver, I came to understand that this alternative approach was needed not only when dealing with the living, but, especially when death was inevitable. No matter how well prepared the patient was , the actual approach of the transition between physical and non-physical brought fear and resistance, making the process painful for both their loved ones and the patient themselves.

 The service I offer with Heart Flight helps to release the fear of death, giving the client an opportunity to be an active participant in their dying process whenever possible, thus lessening the anxiety, guilt or sadness possibly felt by them or their families. The process is not based on a particular religion. creed or scientific method, but, rather designed to bring about the greatest peace of mind, body and soul possible.