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Folic Acid


Are you taking folic acid as a supplement?  Do you know that taking it together with Vit C and B12 helps your system to digest and utilise proteins.

Taking high doses of this amino acid however,

could be more detrimental for your health than simply eating fresh vegetables.  Not eating enough vegetables can cause serious damage to your DNA and can prepare the body favourably for certain cancers – notably breast cancer, pancreatic and colon cancer.

In 2007 a research study showed that daily doses of 1mg folic acid over 6 months caused an increased risk of colorectal adenomas or benign growths which could lead to cancer in the same area.

Recently a research program with 643 men participating it was proved that the same dosage could lead to certain other cancers as well.

It therefore proves once again – eating your greens regularly will help to maintain good health. 

Thinking that a pill will replace a healthy diet is pure folly!