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Cape Town Angel workshop

Thank-you to all who attended my workshop in the Cape, it was a magical experience and an honor to have shared the day with you. Thank-you for your feedback......

"It was great to be reassured & shown that everyone's experience is different & not wrong, but personal. Learn to trust in oneself. Thank-you, Tarryn."

"Very illuminating. Space was clean and open. Lovely. Would have enjoyed more time and interaction. Was most a party you did not want to leave. Vivienne"

"Most enjoyable and enlightening, thank-you Sandy"

"I cant thank-you enough for putting this course together and coming all the way to Cape Town. I really learnt a lot, seeing auras for the first time was amazing, and everything you said is really helping me deal with my current situation. Your passion and love for what you do gave the course that extra loving energy. I realise that that was only a fraction of your knowledge and healing energy and I would love to learn more. Richard"

"Thank-you again for such an amazing workshop! I really enjoyed it so much! I am blown away by what you do, it is so exciting and also reassuring to know that there are Angels like you in the world to help and heal normal folk! I was inspired and feel like you have answered questions or experiences that I have been having since a child and had just put it down to my eyes being weird or me just wishing in something that wasn't really there. So thank-you!! My Angel/s will never be ignored again, it is now greeted, thanked and acknowledged everyday! Rosemary"